Detective Whitworth
Portrayed by Mark Boone Junior
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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Residence Miami, Florida
Occupation Detective for Miami Police Department
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Family Clay (son)
Lexi (daughter)
Lovers Lynn (wife)
Out of Universe
Film(s) 2 Fast 2 Furious

"I'll do it! I'll do it .. I'll give you your window."
―Detective Whitworth to Carter Verone

Detective Whitworth is a detective on Carter Verone's payroll. Whitworth is in charge of overseeing activity on Verone's unit and properties.

2 Fast 2 Furious

Verone invites Brian & Roman to his private club, the Pearl. Once they arrive, they go into a back room and wait for the detective. Detective Whitworth arrives with a girl, who was working for Verone to bring Whitworth to the room. Verone asks Whitworth for a window, which immediately Whitworth states that he can't do anymore. This results in Whitworth being pinned down to a table, lying down, and tortured with a rat. After Verone is finished with the rat, Whitworth agrees to give Verone a window. Brian & Roman arrive at Verone's trailer where his money is stashed. Verone's henchman Roberto and Enrique smash the walls and start filling the bags. Meanwhile, Whitworth tells all detectives not to move until he says so. Whitworth decides not to give Verone his window and commands all units to move on the trailer property.