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  • Pof203

    Paul Walker

    December 2, 2013 by Pof203

    I feel like an asshole for coming to this wiki the day the world's greatest actor died. If only I could have come here sooner, fate would have taken pity on him and spared him. There have been many suggestions that Chris Pines should take Paul's place because he looks just like him. I say they could, but they'll never be another like Paul Walker. If they are, than the writers will have to rewrite Brain's part in the next movie. It's just now fair! With all the magic and witchcraft I possess, with all the powers of hell itself, I cannot bring back the dead. And to make my life even more shittier, (and I beg us not to bash me for, but)... I don't care about Paul's death. Am I really so evil enough to be so heartless?

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