Due to a recent spate in abuse of the wikia by a number of users some of the pages have been placed on an administrator-only protection meaning that admins alone can edit these pages. This is in response to an increased number of inappropriate and extremely unhelpful abuses by some users on certain pages. This will hopefully be on a temporary basis, The Fast and The Furious Wikia does not want to exclude users from editing pages with useful and much appreciated information but please respect other users on the wikia and respect the hard work that has been put into pages. As stated in the Fast and The Furious Wiki Policies removing useful content from pages and/or adding inappropriate and unhelpful content in its place is not acceptable and such users will now be blocked on a temporary basis. There are a lot of hard working users who contribute to the wiki and it is a shame that some people are ruining the experience for others and belittling their hard work. If you are not clear on the policies of this wiki please click the link above. Please also help if you can by cleaning up any inappropriate edits by either contacting the admins or undoing the edit, this is much appreciated. 

Thank you and keep contributing! 

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