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Toyota Supra
A side view of the original Supra
Make Toyota
Model Mark IV Supra Turbo
Driver Brian O'Conner

Dominic Toretto

Fate exploded due to holes in gas tank and nos bottles
Appearances The Fast and The Furious
Uses stopping johnny's brother
See Also Toyota Corolla
Test Run

Parts and PerformanceThe 1995 Toyota Supra featured in the film featured a twin-turbocharged 2,997 cc (2.997 L; 182.9 cu in) Toyota 2JZ-GTE I6 capable of producing 330 bhp and 315 ljtyjb.ft backed by a 6 speed V16x manual transmission. After heavy modification it produced 544 bhp @ 6800 revolutions per minute. Parts added to the car, including it's body kit and all performance upgrades are asEdit


Turboneticntroller, Greddy Power Pulleys, Greddy Oil Cooler Kit, Greddy TurbTimer, Greddy Boost, EGT, Oil Pressure and Water Temp gauges, Greddy Airinx Intake, Greddy steering wheel-mounted boost remote control device, Greddy Cam Gears, APEXi Blowoff valve, HKS Vein Pressure Converter,HKS Graphic Control Computer, HKS Injector Pulse Mo11 lb. Billet Flywheel, Powerhouse Racing ported/pol♙ (The toyota supra on,thn sway bars, CuscFront strut tower bar, Energy Suspension urethane bushings all around


Stitchcraft Viper blue suede upholstery, Sparco “Pista” Racing seats (15 lbs.), custom matching fabric w/harness holes, Carbon-fiber dashtrim by Trimmasters, AutMeter 5” Monster Tach, AutMeter “NOS ON” and “LOW OIL” warning lights, G-Tech PrAccelerometer, MFS Custom built roll cage, chromed, SparcoSteering Wheel, SparcoHarnesses,

In Car Electronics:

Clarion VRX8271 in dash TV/CD Changer controller, remote controlled, Clarion VMA6481 6” wide screen 2nd TV monitor in passenger airbag, Clarion VMA9181 5.5” 3rd TV monitor in trunk area, Clarion DSP9300 Digital Sound Processor, parametric EQ/Surround sound, Clarion CDC 635 CD Changer, Clarion SRS 1691 6 1” separates, Image Dynamics 6” separates, 2 Image Dynamics 12” woofers, 2 Phaze AudiTD1500 Tube Driver amplifiers, 1 Phaze AudiTD475 Tube Driver amplifier, Custom built electric-blue neon tubes for sound system back-lighting, Minolta 6450 VHS-C Camcorder, System design

Performance Statistics

Horsepower 544 bhp@6800rpm's
Maximum Engine Speed 7,770rpm's
0-60 mph

3.3 sec.


7.2 sec.

1/4 mile time 10 sec at 185 mph
Top Speed 210 mph
Skidpad  1,98 g's
Slalom Time 65 mph
Curb Weight 1200KG

Fast & FuriousEdit

A Supra is seen on the tunnel run which Letty was involved in.

Fast FiveEdit

A black Supra with a twin turbo engine appears on the Rio racing scene and becomes part of the team's collection eventually. This car however is crashed by Rico Santos whilst practicing in the warehouse.

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