Portrayed by Jeirmarie Osorio
Rosa Profile
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Residence Rio de Janeiro, Brazil[1]
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Family Nico (son)[1]
Vince (husband, deceased)[1]
Out of Universe
Film(s) Fast Five

Rosa is a resident of Rio de Janeiro. A minor character in Fast Five, Rosa is the mother of Nico and the widow of Vince. She gives Brian O'Conner and Mia Toretto safe haven when they arrive in Rio.[1]


Pre-Movie Events

Following Vince's departure from Los Angeles and the United States, he traveled to Rio de Janeiro.[1] During his time in Rio he met a Rosa. The two later became married and Rosa gave birth to their only child, Nico, who was named after Vince's friend, Dominic Toretto.[1]

Fast Five

When Brian O'Conner and Mia Toretto travel to Rio de Janeiro to visit Vince, they are brought to Vince's home in the Favelas. At the house, they are introduced to Rosa and their son, Nico. Vince tells Brian that Rosa saved him from a downward spiral that he encountered after he left Los Angeles.

Whilst Brian and Vince discuss a job opportunity, Mia helps Rosa put Nico to bed. When she becomes sick, she runs to the bathroom and vomits. Rosa follows her to the bathroom and deduces that she is pregnant and asks her if she has told Brian or not. 

Following Vince's death, Rosa returns to her home to discover that Dominic has delivered Vince's share of Hernan Reyes's stolen money, a little less than $10 million. He leaves a note that reads "For Rosa and Nico, see you soon - Uncle Dom."


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