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Lancer evolution tokyo drift.jpg
Side view of the Evo
Make Mitsubishi
Model Lancer Evolution
Body and chassis
”Character Information”
Driver(s) Han Seoul-Oh (owner)
Sean Boswell
Use(s) Drifting
Eluding Takashi & Morimoto
Status Crashed
Film(s) The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII was given to Sean Boswell by Han Seoul-Oh as a "work car" since Sean was in Han's debt, Sean having totaled Han's Nissan Silvia S15 during a race with Takashi.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftEdit

The car is first seen when Han brings Sean to his hidden garage, where Han gives the car to him.

The car is then used by Sean for drift practice with Han. Han teaches him to drift at a dockyard and on the Drift King's mountain. The car can eventually be seen drifting in tandem with Han's RX-7.


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