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Mitsubishi Eclipse
Make Mitsubishi
Model Eclipse GS
Driver Brian O'Conner
Fate unknown survived
Appearances The Fast and the Furious
Uses Street Racing
See Also Toyota Supra

The Mitsubishi Ecplise is a modified car that plays a major role in The Fast and the Furious Series.

The Fast and the FuriousEdit

This car is a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a 420a 16-valve dual overhead cam 2-Liter 4-cylinder engine rated at 165hp before turbo, according to the official "Cars of The Fast and The Furious" book written by the man who built the cars, Eddie Paul. It doesn't specify model, so could be either GS-T or GSX. It has a full Robo Car Aero Armor Eclipse Body Kit, custom made carbon fiber front splitter, a custom GT style roof scoop, a ARP two level GT2 style wing, carbon fiber mirrors, shaved door handles, 1997 spec Eclipse headlights, and green neon lighting, alongside SE7EN 18-inch wheels by Axis Sport Tuning Inc. in 225/40ZR18 Toyo Tires. In the movie Einstein says the car has a cool air intake, a NOS fogger system, a T4 turbo, an AIC controller, direct port nitrous injection, and Toretto adds a stand alone fuel managment system. This was the car owned by "Brian Earl Spilner" aka Brian O'Conner  (Paul Walker) in The Fast and The Furious. He used it to race Dominic Toretto in the drag race near the beginning of the first film. It was later shot up by Johnny Tran. Although it was owned by Brian, it is hinted at in the first film that it was funded by the LAPD; when one of the detectives complains of the price of the car, after it is destroyed. Later when Brian tells Sgt. Tanner that he need another car which Tanner asked what happened to the Eclipse and he tells him that Johnny Tran park and turns out it was owned by Tanner. This was arguably one of the most iconic cars in the film series. Some more Eclipses were seen at Race Wars.

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