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Country United States
State Florida
Status Active
in The Fast and the Furious franchise
Residents (P) Tej Parker
Roman Pearce
Slap Jack
Orange Julius
Residents (F) Brian O'Conner
Noted Locations Tej's Garage
Film(s) Turbo-Charged Prelude
2 Fast 2 Furious
Fast Five

Miami is where Brian O'Conner resided after traveling through many states, being a fugitive for aiding and abetting in the escape of Dominic Toretto in Los Angeles. It is in Miami that he met Tej Parker and Suki, even living at Tej's place. He also met Monica Fuentes here, as well as meeting Agent Bilkins once more. After the apprehension of Carter Verone, Brian and Roman make Miami their new home; however, while Brian moved back to Los Angeles to work for the FBI some unspecified time later, Roman remained in Miami.

Following the succession of the Rio Heist, Tej and Roman return home to Miami, both of them owning Koenigseggs, and Tej started a garage once more.

2 Fast 2 Furious

At the beginning of the film Tej organizes a race with Suki, Orange Julius and Brian O'Connor participating. Later the drug lord Carter Verone 'persuades' a cop named Whitworth to help him. At the end Roman Pearce and Brian help Monica Fuentes stop Verone from escaping Miami.

Fast Five

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