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We are a free repository for information about The Fast and the Furious, an action film series produced by Universal Studios. We welcome all constructive contributions, however we do ask that you refer to the "Helping Out" section below if you are not an experienced editor. Together we will work to expand this wiki into a comprehensive resource for information relating to this franchise.




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Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning.
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    Spongebob wiki

    March 27, 2014 by Cosmobo

    I come from the spongebob wiki and I want to ask wich movie has the spongebob Ice cream pops in if you try and help thx

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    Due to a recent spate in abuse of the wikia by a number of users some of the pages have been placed on an administrator-only protection meaning that admins alone can edit these pages. This is in resp…

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    Paul Walker

    December 2, 2013 by Pof203

    I feel like an asshole for coming to this wiki the day the world's greatest actor died. If only I could have come here sooner, fate would have taken pity on him and spared him. There have been many s…

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Fast Five diverted from the street racing traditions of the first four films, yet it received the best reviews of the series. The cast is signed on for two more films. Where should they go from here?

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