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Luke Hobbs
Portrayed by Dwayne Johnson
Biographical Information
Alias/Nicknames The Hulk
Captain America
Somoan Thor
Status Alive
Occupation Diplomatic Security Service Agent
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Bald (brown)
Eye color Brown
Family Samantha Hobbs
Partners Riley Hicks (formerly)
Elena Neves
Out of Universe
Film(s) Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7

"Is this what a 100 million buys? It wasn´t that hard to find you, Toretto."
—Hobbs to Dominic.

Luke Hobbs is a highly skilled Diplomatic Security Service agent and a supporting character in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Hobbs was once tasked to hunt down and capture the likes of wanted criminal, Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner. He later becomes the crew's ally and aided them against their fight against the Shaw Brothers Owen and Deckard Shaw.


Early Life


Fast Five

After a carjacking from a train involving Dominic Toretto, Mia Toretto and Brian O'Conner goes wrong, three DEA agents are killed by Zizi and the former three are blamed for the action. The killing of the DEA agents prompts the attention of Hobbs.

Through the film, he is determine to bring down Toretto and his crew. At one point, he confronts Toretto at a Brazilian street meetup but was unable to arrest him due to him and his team being outnumbered and was forced to leave.

Hobbs then finds Dominic and Mia Toretto, Brian O'Conner and Vince at the warehouse, where him and Dominic engaged in a brutal hand-to-hand fight. Dom is victorious but decides to surrender after nearly bringing himself into finishing Hobbs off. The four are captured and Hobbs proceeds in a convoy to detain them. The convoy is ambushed and the leading SUV was hit by an RPG, fired from a rooftop. Hobbs witnesses the deaths of his four friends and agents in the ambush (Chato, Fusco, Wilkes and Macroy).

Eventually he is stuck on the ground and watches a nearby SUV get destroyed by two grenades. Killers advance on Hobbs from around a corner but are all shot by Toretto, O'Conner, and Vince. After killing all the people trying to attack Hobbs, Toretto goes to Hobbs and reach his hand towards Hobbs on the ground, then Hobbs grabs his arm, then Toretto picks him up, and gets Hobbs to safety, making them former enemies.

Hobbs then sides with Toretto and O'Conner by helping them steal Hernan Reyes' vault full of cash to get his revenge. He aids them by smashing through the back wall of the room using his Gurkah LAPV. Later, he arrives with Elena Neves, shoots Reyes twice, avenging his team. He refuses to let Toretto and O'Conner go, but gives them a 24-hour window to escape. Hobbs says "Toretto, I'll see you soon." then, Toretto replies "No, you won't"

Fast & Furious 6

Fast and furious 6 trailer preview

Following the information provided by Monica Fuentes, Hobbs teams up with Riley Hicks to track down Owen Shaw, the mercenary Letty Ortiz has affiliated herself with. They're able to apprehend one of Shaw's men, Oakes, and begin "questioning" him to obtain the whereabouts of Owen Shaw. Believing Shaw and his team are much more advanced than he's used to dealing with, he seeks Toretto for help.

He approaches Dominic with the mission, but knowing full well that his former nemesis would turn it down, he brings with him the photos of Letty in order to coerce him from his retirement. Hobbs and Toretto come to an agreement: If Toretto and his team stop Shaw, Hobbs will grant them all full pardons, which would allow them to return to the United States.

Planting a tracking device on Dominic, Hobbs follows Dominic to a street race where he meets the amnesiac Letty Ortiz. When Dominic confronts Letty after a street race, Hobbs watches them from a distance, armed with a sniper rifle. Toretto and Shaw have what appears to be a one-on-one non-physical confrontation, but a red dot appears on Dominic's chest revealing one of Shaw's snipers in the vicinity. Hobbs focuses on Shaw's chest, revealing his presence to Dominic.

During the tank chase scene, he and his crew follow the action on a helicopter and with Letty secured by Dominic, Hobbs and his crew apprehend Shaw.

Hobbs and the rest of the crew believe the mission to be over, but Shaw reveals that he has Mia as hostage. In exchange for his freedom, he would let Mia free. The British military refuses to let Shaw go, but Hobbs quickly takes the side of Toretto and forces Shaw's freedom. Shaw then asks if a member of Hobbs' team is coming with him, Riley steps forward revealing herself as a double agent within the DSS working for Shaw.

He and the team then chase after Shaw and ends up inside the plane, engaging in a two-on-two battle alongside Toretto against Shaw and Klaus. After defeating Klaus, he approaches Letty and Riley, and tosses a spear gun to Letty (presumably to get revenge for Riley's betrayal), Letty taunts Riley, saying "wrong team, bitch!", Riley exchanges glances with Hobbs (noticeably angry with him), Letty then shoots Riley out of the plane, killing her.

Furious 7

Hobbs is stamping files near the beginning of the movie when he is bid a good night to by Elena Neves, who now works at the DSS office in Los Angeles. Hobbs follows Elena to her car and gives her a letter of recommendation, as Elena wanted to work elsewhere. Returning to his office, he sees Deckard Shaw downloading classified information to a USB drive, Deckard telling Hobbs he's looking for the team that crippled his brother.

After finishing the file transfer, Shaw engages in a fight with Hobbs, as well as Elena, who came back upstairs. Shaw resorts to throwing an explosive device, which lands near Elena, and so Hobbs grabs her as the device explodes, sending Hobbs and Elena out of the window and falling several feet before falling on top of a car.

He is soon visited in the hospital by Dominic Toretto, and tells him that Owen Shaw's big brother had placed him in the hospital and is coming to hunt Dominic team. Dominic tells him that Shaw had killed Han Seoul-Oh and almost killed his family by blowing up their house.

It is here where Dom sees a little girl address Hobbs as "Dad", shocked to know Hobbs is a father, although his daughter simply states "Dominic Toretto? I've heard of you. My dad said he kicked your ass once." When Dom asks Hobbs how to find Shaw, Hobbs tells him that the official answer is to not do anything, although the unofficial brother-to-brother answer is to find him and "not miss" (a reference to Hobbs telling Dom that 24 men who were sent to exterminate Shaw missed their mark and all 24 were killed by Shaw).

After watching reruns of the 1978 Hulk show, the programming is interrupted by a breaking news report that shows the streets of Los Angeles being destroyed. Hobbs realizes it is Dominic and his crew and so he gets up, breaks off his cast, and steals an ambulance.

He manages to drive on a bridge where he sees Letty and Ramsey driving on the road below, about to be hit by a missile, at which point he drives off the bridge ahead and intercepts the missile, although he survives. He finds the drone lying on the ground and shoots the camera, and then removes the machine gun artillery equipped and uses it shoot the helicopter, which is focused on shooting Dominic (and Shaw as well, since he is in the way).

When Dom manages to hook Shaw's bag of grenades to the bottom of the helicopter, Hobbs fires at it with his gun, the explosion killing the terrorists on board, including leader Mose Jakande.

Hobbs is then seen leading Deckard Shaw to a secret underground prison, where he tells him that the guards are there to stop him from having a go at Shaw. When Shaw declares that the prison can't hold him. Hobbs tells him he's counting on Shaw escaping, as it means Hobbs will be able to apprehend him, and tells Shaw to "start digging".





  • Hobbs's weapons of choice are the .44 magnum Smith and Wesson 629 revolver (the latter being his service sidearm).
  • In Fast & Furious 6, it's shown that Hobbs possesses a certain knowledge over cars although it may be possible he just read from a brochure, as Tej remarked.
  • He is compared several times to Marvel superheroes like "Captain America", "Thor", and "Hulk".
  • Frequent jokes are made by Roman Pearce about his use of baby oil.


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Vehicles Driven

Film Car
Fast Five
Gurkah LAPV
Fast & Furious 6
Navistar MXT
Furious 7
LAFD Ambulance



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