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Deckard Shaw
Portrayed by Jason Statham
Deckard Shaw
Biographical Information
Born 1970 (approx.) in UK/Unknown
Status Alive (Imprisoned)
Occupation Special Forces Boat Service Lieutenant (1990-1999)
Special Forces Air Service Major (2000-2008)
Mercenary (2008-)
(Special Forces) Assassin
Alias Shaw
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Bald
Eye color Brown
Family Owen Shaw (brother)
Friends Mose Jakande (formerly)
Character Information
Appearances TF&TF - TCP - 2F2F
TF&TF:TD (Car Only) - LB - F&F
F5 - F&F6 - F&F7

I'm looking for the team that crippled my brother.
— Deckard Shaw

Deckard Shaw is the older brother of Owen Shaw and the main antagonist in Furious 7. He is portrayed by Jason Statham.

Early LifeEdit

You know, when I was young, my brother always said, "Every man has to have a code."
Owen to Dom about Deckard

It is noted by Luke Hobbs that in his early life, he is a former Special Forces Assassin and became a monster. Also he has a younger brother named Owen Shaw, of whom he used to look after.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Fast & Furious 6Edit

Deckard was first seen in the post-credit scene of Fast & Furious 6, however it was a cameo appearance revealing that he was the driver of the Mercedes which flipped over Han's Mazda RX-7 VeilSide Fortune in Tokyo, and the driver who caused Han's vehicle to subsequently explode, resulting in his death. After Deckard steps out of his Mercedes he throws the necklace (that Dom had given to Letty, and Letty had given to Owen) besides Han's badly damaged RX-7. The RX-7's leading fuel then ignites via the car's engine fire, resulting in the car exploding whilst Deckard called Dominic on the phone, leaving him a message to alarm and alert him.

Furious 7Edit

Remember Owen Shaw? This is his big, bad brother: He's a special forces assassin, they created a monster.
Hobbs explaining Deckard Shaw in Furious 7

Deckard Shaw is the main antagonist for Furious 7, with the intention of exacting


Deckard Shaw's file

his vendetta on Dominic Toretto and his team for the crippling of his brother, Owen Shaw. Deckard first attacks Hobbs and manages to put him in the hospital. He then delivers a package to Dom from Tokyo which is revealed to be a bomb. The bomb explodes and destroys Dom's house moments after Han's RX-7 explodes,. Deckard drives by Han's funeral in Los Angeles where Dom notices him and chases him in his Plymouth Road Runner. They meet face to face and exchange words before Deckard pulls a gun on Dom however Mr. Nobody and his men save Dom and shoot at Deckard, forcing him to flee. Deckard again tries to kill Dom and his crew at the Caucasus Mountains and at Abu Dhabi however he fails both times. Dom, Brian and Nobody locate Deckard at a remote factory using God's Eye, a device which can locate any individual on the globe. However, Deckard reveals that he has allied himself with the terrorist group led by Mose Jakande due to sharing a mutual enemy in Dom. In the ensuing battle, many of Nobody's men are killed and Jakande manages to retrieve God's Eye. Dom, Brian and an injured Nobody escape. Deckard and Jakande later attack Dom and his crew in Los Angeles. Shaw goes after Toretto and chases him to the roof of a car park. After facing down with Toretto, he gets injured by a collapsing level of a parking garage after Jakande fires a missile at it, after he decides to end his affiliation and friendship with Shaw, even quoting: "It seems our friendship has come to an end," however Dom and Hobbs manage to kill Jakande. Deckard survived the collapse and is taken into custody in a secret CIA prison by Hobbs.



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