2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT
Chevrolet Suburban - Abu Dhabi
Manufacturer Chevrolet/GMC (General Motors)
Make Chevrolet
Model Suburban (LT Trim)
Production Year 2007-2014
Body and chassis
Class Extended Length SUV
Body Style 4-door SUV
License plate 2PCE381 (Los Angeles)
”Character Information”
Driver(s) Brian O'Conner (both)
Use(s) Escaping from the shootout (Abu Dhabi)
Picking up Tej & Roman and finishing their mission (Los Angeles)
Status Active/Survived
Film(s) Furious 7
Similar Cars 2003 Lincoln Navigator

The 2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT is a minor vehicle featured in Furious 7.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

After escaping from the shootout at the abandoned factory, Brian, Dom and an injured Mr. Nobody get inside a 2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT, driven by Brian. After Mr. Nobody manages to call SOCOM medics, Brian pulls over as Dom gets Mr. Nobody out. Brian and Dom then drive back to their safehouse.

Los Angeles, California, USA

After getting his GT-R blown up by a UAV, Brian is forced to flee on foot to find a cell tower so Ramsey can continue her hack. After fighting Kiet and managing to get Ramsey back online, Brian finds a Suburban right outside, and steals it. He uses it to pick up Tej and Roman, who also had their car destroyed, and drives to the destroyed parking garage, where he witnesses the battle between Dom and Mose Jakande. The vehicle is not seen after that.



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